Dec 3, 2015

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Eliminate Fine Lines and Scars With the Non-invasive SkinPen in Moore, OK

Eliminate Fine Lines and Scars With the Non-invasive SkinPen in Moore, OK

Methods for reducing the appearance of aging are getting faster and easier all of the time. The proof of this is obvious with the SkinPen. This non-invasive treatment requires no downtime and is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks. It is able to safely and painlessly improve the tone and texture of the skin, on the face and the body.

The SkinPen in Moore OK is used in clinics and spas. It is a suitable option for anyone who is concerned about the discomfort and recovery period that are standard with chemical peels. The pen works by inserting tiny needles into the skin that encourage the body to create more collagen. This is known as the remodeling process, similar to what happens when the skin is injured and must heal. However, because it is performed in a controlled way, it prevents the skin from creating a scar.

The SkinPen in Moore OK is known as a micro-needling device. It can be used on any skin type and any colour of skin. The entire appointment typically takes about 30 minutes. The process is completed after a topical anesthetic is applied, making the procedure comfortable. Afterward there will be some redness and puffiness in the treated area, but that will fade within a couple of days or less. Once faded, the results are instantly obvious. There is no peeling or pain to worry about, and most people are able to immediately return to their normal schedule. The improvements will continue over the following weeks as the skin continues to heal.

Most patients will need three separate treatments to achieve the appearance they want. If the skin is severely damaged, from acne scars or other issues, more sessions may be necessary. A special cream is suggested for treating the area after the procedure to prevent dryness. Most clinics will have this cream available at the location where the work is performed.

Find out more about this procedure, as well as the other forms of skin treatments available for improving the appearance of aging or scarred skin at Individuals interested in learning what can be done for them can use the contact numbers on the website to arrange a consultation.

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