Dec 18, 2015

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Eliminate Fat And Slim Down With Coolsculpting

Eliminate Fat And Slim Down With Coolsculpting

For years the only way to rid the body of unwanted fat was liposuction, an invasive treatment that often has significant side effects. Coolsculpting in Brooklyn is a relatively new procedure that eliminates fat without any need for surgery. The process is FDA approved for treatment on a person’s thighs, belly and “love handles”, the three spots most often associated with unwanted fat.

The ideal candidate for Coolsculpting in Brooklyn is a person who is currently losing weight or in a holding pattern and is within 20-25 pounds of their ideal weight. It must be understood that Coolsculpting does not work like liposuction, it does not suck out fat; the process destroys fat cells which are metabolized by the body.

The fat that is to be treated is a bulge, something that you can grab onto. The reason for this is that the machine uses suction to pull on this bulge of fat and place it between two plates that cool it. The system uses cold to destroy fat cells, once the fat has been pulled between the plates it is held in place with a vacuum, the machine is energized, bringing the fat deposit to a temperature where fat cells die, the process has no effect on the skin, blood vessels, nerves, etc; all the rest of the body is left untouched. The process takes about an hour for every area that is treated; multiple areas can be treated in certain circumstances.

Coolsculpting in Brooklyn is not a process that results in instant fat loss, when the hour is up and the procedure is over you will be the same size; after a few weeks however you will begin to see the difference. During the process fat cells are killed by the cold, as they are killed the fat is slowly absorbed into the body. This fat is burned off just as any fat is; fat is really nothing more than stored energy. Exercise, brisk walking, etc requires energy and the stored fat is it.

Coolsculpting has not been designed as a way of losing weight, it is designed however to sculpt those areas of the body where unwanted fat deposits lie. If your goal is to lose weight then there are many other approaches, when you undergo Coolsculpting your weight will not drop.

Most people who undergo the treatment feel nothing once the procedure is over, others do note simple side effects such a mild bruising or soreness, both of which disappear in a day or two. For more information, visit today!

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