Jan 19, 2015

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Elegant Urban Classic Lighting for Beautiful Home Designs

When it comes to home decor, less is more. One of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is through elegant lighting. Modern takes on the traditional chandelier help to aid chic style to any home decor. With designs like Elegant Lighting Maxim and Elegant Urban Classic, homeowners everywhere can achieve Pinterest-worthy design concepts.

A New Take on Elegance

In the past, the traditional chandeliers dripped in glass and glimmered brightly at night. With the Elegant Urban Classic, homeowners can revitalize their design concept. The new look offers a style that is reminiscent of the atom. Spirals of metal encircle the chandelier for a completely updated take on the historic chandelier. The Elegant Urban Classic serves as a statement piece that transforms even the most drab of interiors into a room that radiates light vividly.

Step Into the Future of Lighting

With Elegant Lighting Maxim, homeowners can take a step into the future with a modern, cube-like design. Offered in a range of geometric shapes, the Elegant Lighting Maxim was created to stand out of the crowd. This futuristic design is unlike the chandeliers that people are accustomed to. Resplendent and shimmering, the Elegant Lighting Maxim takes lighting to the next level.

Improve Interior Architecture

When homeowners want to increase the value of their property, they often resort to adding patios or remodeling their kitchens. Instead of spending countless dollars on remodeling, homeowners can perform a very simple, quick update. Lighting instantly changes the entire ambiance of the room. In just moments, a dull room can start to shimmer with new colors as the lighting casts rainbows across the room. For an easy update, Elegant Lighting is the best choice.

Selecting Trim and Metal Types

For most lighting designs, individuals can choose the trim, crystals and metal type that best suits the interior of their home. Different options include royal cut, elegant cut, Swarovski spectra and Swarovski element. Metal finish options include chrome, polished nickle and rustic intent. No matter what option homeowners choose, they are sure to get an exceptional, entirely unique lighting style.

With Elegant Lighting Classic and Elegant Lighting Maxim, residents can step into the future of home lighting. Gone are the days when a basic chandelier was the only option available. These new, chic designs offer a stylish alternative to the bland lighting that often comes standard in homes. Designed to be exceptional, these home lighting systems go above and beyond the expected. They are outfitted in shimmering crystals that glimmer in every color of the spectrum when they are hit by light. For lighting that stands out from the crowd, homeowners should check out the Classic and Maxim lines at Elegant Lighting.


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