Electroplating Companies: Choosing A Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

Today’s need to protect the environment places the onus on companies to make sure they understand what waste they process is hazardous. It also emphasizes they take responsibility for proper disposal of their toxic waste. For many electroplating companies, this can be quite challenging. They need to make certain they get rid of their plating bath filters, bath solutions and resins, to name a few materials correctly. This requires choosing the right hazardous weight disposal company.

Choosing the Right Waste Disposal Partner

If you produce the waste, your company is ultimately responsible for its disposal. This includes two major components of this process:

1. Transportation

2. Processing

The emphasis on the company of origin emphasizes the need for any electroplating company to select a waste recycling or disposal company based on specific criteria. The recycling firm must:

* Adhere to EPA regulations

* Satisfy the requirements of OSHA and state requirements

* Ensures the proper transportation of waste

* Has the facilities and capabilities to properly dispose of the toxic/environmentally hazardous waste – Ask to see their scrap profile list

The disposal firm must always be ready to work closely with the electroplating company to develop a wide-ranging plan to handle all aspects of the transportation and disposal of the plating by-products. Electroplating companies must feel confident the disposal company will adhere to the guidelines and communicate clearly any issues, questions, concerns and/or changes. It is essential the two develop a close working relationship based on mutual trust. Plating companies must have confidence the disposal firm with concern for worker and environmental safety will securely and carefully transport and dispose of the materials.

Electroplating Companies and Waste Disposal

If you are a plating company, you produce some level of toxic or hazardous waste as a by-product of the process. It is essential to ensure correct transportation and disposal of such material. Responsible electroplating companies must choose and work with a trusty transportation and disposal company.

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