Electrical Property Preservation Services in Wilkes-Barre

If you are in the business of managing real estate owned (REO) or restoration properties, it’s important that you know industry professionals you can trust to perform specialized work and inspections. This does not exclude electrical and related work, which helps bring the property back to usable and saleable condition. Electrical contractors perform some of the best property preservation services Wilkes-Barre PA offers.

Electrical and Cabling Inspections

Electrical contractors inspect circuits, wiring, outlets, fixtures and many other aspects of a property to ensure the electrical and cabling systems meet safety and functional standards. Click here to arrange an inspection with a reputable contractor. 

Repair Contracting

If deficiencies are found through inspections, an electrical contractor provides an estimate and performs the repairs, code corrections, service upgrades, etc.  

Design New Systems

In properties that require full restoration or remodeling, electrical contractors design new wiring systems that modernize these properties and increase their value. This may also include high-tech wiring, new cable designs, custom lighting, and much more. 


Reputable contractors provide up to lifetime warranties for their work. This gives you a peace of mind that you won’t pay twice for the same tasks, and it ensures that the contractor does the job right the first time.

Quality Electric is a full-service residential, commercial, and industrial electrical contractor that also specializes in property preservation services. No matter what type of property is involved, we perform among the best property preservation services Wilkes-Barre PA offers.

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