Elder Law Attorney in Wellesley, MA For Seniors

Find a elder law attorney in Wellesley, MA for a range of services, including help with will and trust matter, employment and retirement issues, grandparents’ rights and other issues that seniors deal with. There is a large population entering their golden years, which is why elder law is quickly growing for law specialists. In some states there are lawyers with special certification to specifically focus on elder law.

Here are a few questions you should ask the attorney when finding someone who specializes in elder law:

  • How long as the attorney practiced? This should be in regards to law in general and specific to elder law. You want someone who has plenty of years as an attorney and has made a foray into elder law. Before the term ‘elder law’ existed, there were attorneys who devoted a large percentage of their practice to helping senior citizens with issues that demographic faces on a regular basis.
  • How much of the attorney’s work is devoted to elder law? Is this an area that he or she is just exploring or are they well-experienced with clients from this age group? Those who have a lot of experience with elder law know the rules inside and out, which helps you more thoroughly understand what’s happening with your case. You want someone who knows how to explain things in layman’s terms in order to have full understanding of the actions your elder law attorney is taking for the case.
  • Are they certified by the state? The Elder Law Attorney in Wellesley, MA may be certified in elder law by the state. Laws for seniors vary greatly from state to state, which is why this special certification has come into play for lawyers who plan on defending them. You want someone who is experienced with the law, but also familiar with the elder laws for your specific state.
  • Do they have experience with your specific issue? There are many types of elder law attorneys. Some focus on wills, estate taxes and gift tax issues, while others work with medical malpractice, elder abuse or planning for special needs arrangements for adult children. Be thorough and honest with your potential attorney to be sure he or she has experience with your type of case. Make sure he or she explains your options in detail before you make a formal agreement to allow them to represent you.

Elder Law Attorney in Wellesley, MA – for more information on elder law. You will find experienced elder law attorneys who know how to make you feel comfortable as we fight for what you deserve.

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