Aug 11, 2014

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Egyptian Amulets: More Than Just Fashion Statements

Jewelry is the perfect accessory for most outfits. It can be simple or elaborate. It can be expensive or cheap. From high quality to cheap and clunky, women and men have worn jewelry to set off or improve their wardrobe. Yet, throughout the decades, certain types of jewelry were intended to do more than look fashionable. In fact, they had a protective or empowering nature. This was certainly true for the early Christians and early Pagan cultures. This included the Egyptians. Egyptian amulets, for example, were frequently more than just a piece of jewelry.

What Is an Amulet?

An amulet is a piece of jewelry often worn around the neck. What differentiates it from other types of necklaces is its purpose. An amulet is a protective device. It may bear symbols to defend the wearer from harm. Traditional materials to make an amulet include:

  • Gemstones
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal

An amulet is closely related to a talisman. This similar form of protection actually was believed to instill power into the individual.

Egyptian Amulets

An Egyptian amulet falls into this category. It can act as a powerful magical tool. It could serve both the living and the dead. In fact, amulets were frequently buried with important figures. Decorative symbols helped to separate the amulets from merely stylish pieces of jewelry. Among the more common symbols used were:

  • The Ankh a Symbol of Life
  • The Djed Pillar of Stability
  • The Udjat Eye of Protection
  • The Scarab of Rebirth

Egyptian amulets also bore images of the Gods and Goddesses to indicate specific protective measures. For example, the a detail from Tutankhamen’s pectoral (This is a form of amulet from around the 12th Dynasty.), reveals a Winged Scarab featuring the Goddess Nephthys on one side and the Goddess Isis on the other. Each of the Goddesses is appropriately rendered in the right color and material.

Another indicator of the protective and magical character of Egyptian amulets is the choice of metals and materials used. Colors also played an important role in indicating the importance and intent of the amulets. Consider this:

The use of Gold referred to Ra since it was a divine metal and the flesh of the Sun
Lapis Lazuli was said to indicate the heavens above and the Gods that governed it
Green was associated with vegetation and growth. It became a symbol of rebirth as well as youth

Over the centuries, amulets have played a dual role. They have acted as decorative pieces of jewelry. They have also been considered magical items. This is certainly true of Egyptian amulets. They decorated the living and were placed upon the dead so that protection would continue into the Afterlife.

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