Dec 12, 2013

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Efficiently Maintain the Comfort of Your Home and the Function of Your Furnace With a Quality Heating Service in Palmyra, Virginia

Winter can set in very quickly in Palmyra, Virginia, bringing some pretty harsh conditions that can be difficult for anyone to endure. Trying to weather those cold temperatures with a broken or failing central heating system is not only an uncomfortable situation, but a hazardous one as well. Dropping temperatures can sneak up on a person and kill quietly by sapping your will to fight back. As the frigid temperature continues, it lowers your body’s internal warmth and drains your strength to resist. Eventually, the body simply quits fighting and shuts down.

Old and worn forced air heating systems can fall apart in similar fashion. Plus, the longer you try and keep the appliance functional with last minute fixes the more time the problem has to grow worse. This is especially true for mechanical components such as blower units that make use of bearings and bushings or other moving parts that might require lubrication. In most cases, maintenance plans and a regular heating service in Palmyra, Virginia, will reduce these concerns considerably.

For example, forced air heating appliances have a heat exchange that transfers the warmth generated inside the furnace where the blower system can circulate it throughout the house. This heat exchange will expand and contract as it’s primary components cycle between hot and cold and this makes the whole heat exchange subject to cracking or other heat related damage.

One of the more important functions of the best heating service in Palmyra, Virginia, is the testing of the fuel lines, pilot lights, ignition systems and burners of a natural gas or propane operated furnace. These portions of the heating system require specific care and a refined skill to avoid damaging them. Plus, improper adjustments might make critical parts such as the fuel regulator function improperly or erratically resulting in the furnace operating inefficiently.

Another vital aspect of heating service and maintenance is the cleaning, testing and calibration of the thermostat. Thermostats are the main user interface to your heating system and as such they tend to get a lot of use, but the thermostat is also responsible for monitoring the home’s ambient temperature and cycling the heating system as that temperature changes. This cycling can be tough on the various electronics and switches inside the thermostat which is why companies like Fitch Services Inc. of Palmyra, Virginia, recommend periodically replacing it.

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