Jan 12, 2016

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Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems: Preparing for Geothermal in Cleveland, TN

Geothermal systems are energy efficient, clean methods of supplying heat and AC to commercial and residential locations. They provide a consistent heat source that avoids the need to make space for fuel storage tanks and constant fuel deliveries. For commercial clients, there are multiple methods of installing Geothermal in Cleveland TN. How much space is available and what size unit is needed will help to determine what should be installed.

With a closed-loop system antifreeze is circulated through the tubing of the loop, gathering the heat from the ground temperature or water where the tubes are submerged. The air from that refrigerant is then transferred through a heat exchanger and used to warm or cool the air inside the structure. In the winter, the temperature beneath the surface will be warmer than the air while in the summer it will be cooler. This allows the interior air to be regulated without the need for fossil fuels.

Closed loop systems can be designed in several ways, depending on the amount of land available to lay out the tubing. Vertical is for smaller areas because it lays out the tubing deeper into the ground. Horizontal systems are used when a larger land area is available, and radiator or coil immersion systems are installed when a larger level of heat exchange is needed, but only a small amount of land available. Hybrid geothermal heat pumps are another option that are often more affordable to install and more efficient because they are used in conjunction with other equipment like a cooling tower or cooling pond.

Installing Geothermal in Cleveland TN will financially benefit most commercial property owners, but the level of the benefit can vary according to a number of factors. How much heating or cooling is needed, the building size and design and what type of system it will be replacing are just some of the considerations. A geothermal engineering company can help to clearly explain exactly how the process works and where it can be expected to be the most efficient. Find more information to learn about the cost of installation and what to expect for performance and savings once the unit is installed.

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