Oct 30, 2013

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Effective Wildlife Removal in Edmond, OK

When an animal is on the loose in a home or a business, it can be a very uncomfortable time for residents and employees, and for some people it can be downright terrifying. Removing an animal is the first course of action, but it is also important that wildlife removal in Edmond, OK, is implemented by a wildlife control firm that believes in using humane removal procedures to take away animals. Although the situation may cause stress and some disruption to the lives of residents and business owners, Critter Control of Oklahoma City will remove immediately animals using techniques that ensure the animals are safe, and they examine all points of entry to eliminate future invasions.

Animals can become a problem inside and outside a structure, and depending on the animal; many can cause a significant amount of damage. Hiring professional wildlife removal in Edmond, OK, is more cost-effective than attempting to get rid of animals without professional help. Critter Control focuses on preventing animals from returning to a home or a business and are highly trained at eliminating many types of animals, including squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, possum, snakes, moles, birds, and many other animals that put people’s properties at risk, and in some cases their health as well.

For customers who have sustained damages to their property as a result of an animal, Critter Control is a full-service wildlife control firm that repairs damages and implements prevention methods. They will close up any holes or exposed areas, replace wall insulation, install screening vents, or chimney caps, and a variety of other services that will secure the structure and protect the home or business from infiltration.

Critter Control of Oklahoma City has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and they are accessible in 38 states. Critter Control experts include zoologists, biologists, wildlife managers and animal control officers who work together to provide services to their customers that are designed by trained professionals. They have studied animals extensively and understand each of their habits, temperaments and movements. They are confident in their services and provide their customers with an animal exclusion guarantee that is good for a full year at no additional cost for guaranteed repairs. They also provide yearly inspection services customers can request as an extension of their guarantee for a small fee. Customers can rely on Critter Control to eliminate the problem immediately and also manage the property effectively.

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