Jun 12, 2015

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Eating Right: Houston’s Farmers’ Markets

Eating Right: Houston’s Farmers’ Markets

Many of those moving to Houston are used to visiting the local farmers market on the weekend. It is their way of ensuring themselves and their family eats wholesome food while supporting the local farmers. Some relators are very helpful in this respect. They can tell from the local Houston property listings where the homes are located in respect to the farmers’ markets.

Farmers Markets in Houston?

 Some newcomers, when informed that Houston is more than oil and commerce are quite surprised. They are, in fact, pleasantly pleased when the realtor tells them that certain Houston property listings are near one or more Farmers’ Markets. With the growing issues of food safety at the top of many individual’s minds, it is always nice to know that there is an alternative to mass-produced food that has been imported from outside the country or, at least, out of state.

Farmers Markets

Houston has undergone a growth in Farmers Markets. These days, you can find several operating not only on the weekend but during the week as well. Farmers arrive with fresh produce and goods while local entrepreneurs supply baked goodies and even entire pre-prepared meals to take home. Among the more popular Farmers Markets operating in Houston are the following:

  • Urban Harvest Farmers Market (Saturday and Sunday): This weekend market offers everything from local fruits and vegetables to coffee. There is meat available from cattle that has been grass fed as well as such items as coffee and honey. You can attend the market for its food or come for the socializing. Live music is one attraction but more so are the demonstrations of culinary skill featuring local market products. Do note the time variations though, the Saturday market runs from 8 until noon while the Sunday market is from noon until 4.

  • Houston Farmers Market at Rice Village (Tuesday): This market in a church parking lot is home to the seasonal bounty from local farms including Gundermann Farms. You can also buy the delicious baked goods from Kraftsmen Bakery, as well as a wide assortment of handmade and locally produced goods and items such as chocolate, soaps, flowers, jellies and preserves.

  • City Hall Farmers Market (Wednesday): This is a market that is part of a local Houston program to encourage the populace of the city to eat healthier. It is located at the reflecting pool outside City Hall. Here, those who work in the nearby offices as well as visitors and local residents can purchase fresh food as well as prepared meals for their lunch.

Houston Property Listings and Proper Eating Habits

If you want to find a home not too far from a local farmers’ market, talk to your realtor. A local realtor can tell you more than where the schools and churches are. He or she, after looking at your favorite Houston property listings, can let you know whether you can find local and fresh food near your work, your play or your employment.

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