Apr 25, 2014

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Easy Steps To Waterproof a Basement in Natick, MA

The problem with basements is that the environment around them is stagnant. Basements do not usually get aired out or exposed to sunlight, which means water accumulation and moisture can be a big issue. You will have to contend with humidity, plus all the problems associated with it, like mold growth. Happily, you can turn your basement into a valuable living space with a blend of basement sealing, water damage restoration and drainage solutions. The first step to waterproof a basement in Natick, MA is to get rid of the water. You will need a tool known as a sump pump to do this. This is, in principle, not an aspect of the waterproofing process; however, it is an essential step.

The next step is to perform basement foundation repair. Usually, wet basements are caused by a compromised or weakened foundation. Water seeps in via cracks within the foundation, and even though these cracks pose no immediate danger to your house, they can cause serious issues if they’re left unattended to for an extended period of time, for example, a decade. For this reason, total foundation repair is an important step when you need to waterproof a basement in Natick, MA. This can be achieved through basement sealing. This process requires the use of a sealant. A thin, hollow tube is utilized to spray the sealant material into the cracks and breaks, and it changes into a thick waterproof foam when it comes into contact with water. The most appropriate time to do this is when the breaks and cracks are dry. Spraying a small quantity of water on the affected area will help to activate the foam.

You may think that as soon as the breaks are filled up and there are no more leaks, the problem has been resolved, but that is not the case. Your basement can begin to take on moisture once more due to the fact that concrete is porous naturally. You still have to apply waterproofing paint on the surface. Lastly, you should hire a professional basement waterproofing company like DRYCRETE Waterproofing to look at every conduit and pipe that connects your basement to the external part of the house. This is important because water might seep in through such an opening, and all of your waterproofing efforts will be wasted.

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