Jul 28, 2015

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Easy Maintenance for Roofing

Easy Maintenance for Roofing

Having a sound roof system is essential for roofing to serve as an insulator and weather barrier. Also, since a roof occupies roughly the top third portion of a home’s height, an appealing roof can add significant curb appeal to a home. For this structure to full fill these functions, it’s favourable to perform regular inspections to repair defects before they worsen and to prevent problems from developing. Use the following tips to do this safely and correctly.

Before an inspection is done, it should be decided how the inspection will be done. This task can be performed from the ground, from a ladder, or from the rooftop. To evaluate the condition of a roof from the ground, a person will need a good pair of binoculars. Getting a closer look at roofing has more benefits, but it also includes more risks. When a person plans to stand on a ladder or the roof for an inspection, a ladder without defects should be used. The ladder should be placed on a flat, dry surface. Safety gear such as a carabiner and elongation rope should be used to prevent falls.

To start an inspection, a person should divide the roof into quadrants to prevent missing areas. Walk in straight lines when possible. Look for missing or damaged shingles. A small flag should be placed next to areas with defects to mark them for later repair. The flashing should be inspected to assess for rust and holes. The flashing is to protect against leaks. It’s used in areas where two planes meet and other vulnerable areas of a roof. A roof should also be evaluated for the presence of moss and lichen. These growths can cause leaks to develop in various layers of the roof. To inspect the underside of the roof, use a flash light with a high-intensity beam to view the top of the attic for leaks.

By using these tips, a home owner can successfully prevent many defects and correct existing problems. For information on roof services, please visit Osroofing.com. This company can handle many residential services to keep roof systems functional and long-lasting. A roof in good quality condition can significantly improve the market value of a home.

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