Dec 20, 2013

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E Cigs Move Into The Mainstream

As little as five years ago electronic cigarettes were rarely seen, today is an altogether different story, many people have switched from smoking real tobacco cigarettes to these devices. Many are switching for the cost savings that add up while others love the various E liquid flavors that they can experiment with. Not only do people enjoy the variety of flavors and the cost savings, they like the fact that they can smoke anywhere they wish because the electronic cigarette does not deliver smoke, it delivers a vapor to the user which has no affect on the environment where the user is located.

The E Cig is a great device as it allows a person to simulate smoking a cigarette but it is minus the tobacco. E liquid flavors are inserted into the device, when the user draws the battery atomizes the liquid into a vapor which is free from tar and other harmful chemicals found in real cigarettes. To get started with the electronic cigarette the user can buy a kit which is complete with everything necessary to get started, the kit contains the battery and atomizer which is the part that has the appearance of a cigarette, E liquid flavors in cartridge form and a battery charger. The battery is recharged overnight and the flavor cartridges are changed as necessary.

When air flows through the tube it ignites a miniature processor which releases a drop of the flavored liquid, this action results in the release of a vapor which is then drawn in by the smoker. To make the vapor more like actual smoke, propylene glycol is added. To make the E Cig even more realistic, the end lights up with a red glow.

It is easy to see that electronic cigarettes have a number of benefits over real cigarettes. Many manufacturers point out that their products are not a “quit smoking” device but as the E liquid flavors are available free of nicotine it is easy to see how they can help a person quit if so desired. The primary benefit is the fact that they are free from any cancer causing agents, no tar and no carbon monoxide. As they are not prohibited they can be used in any indoor public place, this is not the case with real cigarettes which are banned.

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