May 5, 2015

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Durable and Attractive Floor Treatments for Home and Business

Durable and Attractive Floor Treatments for Home and Business

There are some companies who find themselves in the position of constant repairs and maintenance tasks on their floors. Standard concrete flooring is the most common in industries such as mechanics and automotive repair shops. These surfaces are subjected to some of the harshest environmental conditions. In addition to a high amount of foot traffic, they are exposed to damages from dropped tools, moving heavy equipment and a variety of different types of chemical spills. Standard floor paint does little to protect these surfaces from damage and increases the need for constant repainting. An excellent solution for this problem is the use of commercial epoxy flooring.

Advantages of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating provides a strong and durable protective layer over concrete based floors. It is resistant to high impacts, skid marks from the movement of heavy equipment, the effects of chemical spills including solvents and automotive fluids, and high traffic. When used on damaged floors, it easily fills in small holes, chips and cracks and dries to a hard resolution. Commercial epoxy flooring comes in a variety of different colors and designs and its durability makes it resistant to premature color fading. Maintenance is lower for epoxy flooring than for floors which are treated with non-commercial grade floor paint.

Versatile for Any Environment

Commercial epoxy flooring can be used in a variety of settings. It is an excellent solution for any business or residence which involves high foot traffic or abusive environments. Commercial epoxy flooring is a great choice for shop floors or interior home floors, particularly laundry and utility rooms. It is an excellent alternative for problem areas which are unattractive and need to be upgraded. Maintenance is low as the formulation of high quality commercial epoxy flooring provides for long term durability against wear and color fading. Commercial epoxy flooring is also an excellent choice for food product, chemical product and pharmaceutical manufacturers, educational, scientific and medical facilities not only because of its attractive appearance, but because of its ability to be cleaned to rigid specifications such as those required for clean rooms.

For more information about commercial epoxy flooring options, you are welcome to check with the professionals found at Dex-O-Tex, or you can contact them directly to speak with a qualified individual to find out about the large variety of wall and flooring solutions they have on offer. Proudly serving businesses and residential customers with state of the art products since the 1950s, Dex-O-Tex is there to assist you in finding the best flooring solutions to meet your changing or demanding needs.

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