Drug Testing, Flu Shots for Your Family, and General Care at Midwest Express Clinic

The Express Clinic is a much more favorable option than the emergency room. On a financial level, patients can expect to save hundreds of dollars be taking the express clinic option. There are many reasons for this. Considering the widespread use of the ER and the fact that it is generally considered more convenient, the hospitals are able to get away with charging higher rates for visits. Furthermore, insurance rates are higher in hospitals, enforcing increased rates across the board.

It is a tricky system, but it has a lot to do with perception. Many people go to the ER because they believe it is these things in which it is not. And individuals get quicker and more prompt service, with average weighting times closer to twenty to thirty minutes, compared to the average waiting time of one to three hours at the ER.

But why is this? The answer, in short, is politics. But it is also cultural habits. We consider the ER to be safer and more convenient, despite the fact that trained professionals in every discipline of the medical industry are widely found at express clinics.

Flu Shots for Your Family

The season is upon us, again, and flu shots need to be updated and checked on. A solid gathering of the all-important flu shots of the season will essentially guarantee that the family avoids all flus and colds for the season. Because it is easy to remember the year that even one person did not get the shot, and it was a disaster. Flu Shots for Your Family are not just superfluous, but essential components to long term health.

Impeccable Care in Many Areas

From injury care to general family practice all the way to the full list of immunizations, there is nothing outside the scope of general care at Midwest.

Drug Testing

With that new job on the horizon, there is no better time to get efficient and prompt service in that mandatory drug test.

Midwest Express Clinic is one of the finest resources for health care in the Illinois and Indiana towns of Willowbrook and Schereville. Two locations, two professional teams, and far more than two ways to care for the community.

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