Drive or Call for Help? Here Are Three Good Reasons to Call a Towing Service

There are times when it’s okay to carefully drive your vehicle to the nearest repair service. At other times, the best thing you can do is call a towing service when something goes wrong with your vehicle. How do you know which approach is right? Here are three situations that require help from a towing service.

The Transmission is Hesitating

When the transmission hesitates before slipping into the right gear, you might also notice a whining sound before the transmission will shift into the passing gear. While the problem may be the need for fresh transmission fluid and a new filter, you could also have some serious mechanical issues on the horizon. It’s best to pull over right away and call a tow truck. With a little luck, that will prevent severe damage and the need to buy a new transmission.

Steady Warning Lights

Many makes and models today come with warning lights that blink when something’s wrong and needs attention soon. Once the lights stop blinking and stay on, there’s no longer a window of opportunity. The vehicle needs attention right away. Rather than running the risk of making things worse, call a towing service. In the long run, you’ll save money on repairs.

The Brakes Fail

When the brakes fail, there is no question that you need help from a towing service as soon as possible. Attempting to drive and control the vehicle using the emergency brake only places you and everyone else on the road in danger. Even if your repair shop is only a few blocks away, it’s best not to risk it. Call a tow truck instead in order to make sure no one is endangered.

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