Apr 1, 2013

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Dressing Your Doll Doesn’t Stop with the Dress

You adore your doll, and one of the best parts of having her is dressing her in pretty clothes! You’ll find no end of dresses and outfits of all kinds available, but to add true charm to her ensemble, you want to be sure to include plenty of cute doll accessories to complete her ensembles.

Finishing Touches

While a dress may be lovely or sweater set adorable, an outfit without doll accessories always looks unfinished. Be sure to complete your doll’s ensembles with the appropriate finishing touches.

  • Hats – Though hats were once a standard part of every girl’s ensemble, alas, hats are usually only worn for warmth today. Thankfully that’s not the case in doll world! Your doll will need the appropriate tams and stocking caps for winter, of course, but that’s just the beginning. Be sure she has a spring bonnet to wear with her prettiest frock; a straw bonnet to wear in the garden; and a cute sailor cap for a day at the beach.
  • Mittens and Muffs – Few doll hands can accommodate a fingered pair of gloves, but you still want to keep hands warm in chilly weather. Mittens usually work well, and are handsome when paired with a tailored wool coat or heavy sweater. For more elegant winter-wear, a faux-fur muff is just the item. Just imagine a beautiful green velvet coat paired with a white faux-fur tam and muff set. A muff is the perfect finishing touch for an ice skating ensemble too!
  • Shoes and Handbags – Just like for you, Dolly loves shoes and handbags! And why not? While once only a single style and color were available for your doll, she now has nearly as many choices as you do. There are so many cute styles of shoes and boots from which to choose and their detailing can make them the most fun and fascinating of doll accessories. Of course, she’ll need a coordinated bag to complete the look.

Even More Fun

Once your girl is decked-out from head to toe, you’ll no doubt want to add more doll accessories. Miniature food for every meal and classic school items like books and pencils help bring posing and playing to a new level. There are adorable pets, and colorful toys for your doll, too. Clothes, food, pets, toys all come together provide years of doll collecting fun.

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