Dramatic Presentations With A Black Glitter Candle Cake Design

When it comes to a dramatic presentation for a cake, sometimes the more elegant, simple and stylized designs offer the biggest visual impact. For many types of occasions, including birthdays, special achievements, graduations and even for anniversaries, a black glitter candle can add just the pizzazz your cake design requires.

The Beauty of Glitter

Black candles on their own are striking, but they do not have the bling and the dazzle of a black glitter candle. The glitter livens up the black color, adding the shimmer and look of movement of the candle flame when lit.

However, even when these candles are not lit, they still give off a shimmer. Lights in the room, candles on a table setting and even the shadows and movement of the other decorations all are reflected on the glittery surface. This creates the illusion of movement and shiny that is simply not available with a solid black candle.

Highlight the Numbers

Using a black glitter candle to stand up off the surface of the cake is a perfect way to highlight a given number. For a birthday this could be the age of the person, and with each number on a separate candle, you can easily have the exact combination of candles required for any possible age.

For special events or achievements, these candles from N.Y Cake can be used to indicates milestone reached, special years or even a date. The candles sit above the cake and with different sizes, they can be dramatically placed above 3D decorations on the cake’s surface, emphasizing as needed.

When choosing these types of candles look for quality in the crispness and accuracy of the candle design, and make sure the stick length is adequate to completely anchor the candle in the cake. Larger candles offer longer burning and also offer a more dramatic effect.

Let the experts at N.Y Cake help you in finding the ideal black glitter candle designs for your next cake decorating project. To see our full candle inventory, visit us online.

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