Apr 28, 2014

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Drain-Centric Plumbers in Minneapolis Handle the Big Jobs

Fixing drains isn’t always easy or straightforward. When the problem involves more than the typical household blockage or affects the main drain going from a home or building, advanced techniques need to be used. This is why it’s a good idea to call plumbers in Minneapolis who specialize in this sort of work when you’re faced with such an issue.

Drain King, Inc. offers drain services that allow them to live up to their name. One such service is the imaging of long or deep sewer lines. This allows cracks and other such problems to be directly seen so that it’s possible to determine which repair procedures are needed without guessing.

In order to successfully see the inside of a sewer line, the line must first be cleaned. If it’s clogged, the cleaning will need to start with snaking or augering in order to get rid of the blockage. For unclogged lines, pressure spraying with water or a cleaning solution is all that’s needed. Once the line is clean, a camera is sent down it on a cable. The camera’s output goes to a screen so the operator can see what’s going on.

Once the problem is located, it can be properly fixed. If a drain pipe is cracked, it may need to be replaced. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be dug up. In some cases, trenchless pipe replacement is possible. In this procedure, a waterproof liner is installed down the original pipe to restore functionality.

Drain plumbers in Minneapolis don’t just work with sewer lines. They can also set up and maintain systems for eliminating effluent like kitchen grease. These systems are used by restaurants and food processors to handle the large amounts of grease that make it down their drains. By having specialized equipment for this purpose, establishments avoid the drain clogging that would ordinarily come from sending grease into the sewer system. In many areas, such systems are required by municipalities so that undue strain is not put on municipal drains.

Other types of effluent system maintenance, such as septic tank pumping, are sometimes done by drain specialists as well. This allows system owners to have everything handled by the same company.

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