Mar 23, 2021

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Don’t Wait to Do Your Dryer Vent Cleaning in Chicago

Don’t Wait to Do Your Dryer Vent Cleaning in Chicago

There are certain things around every home that are out of sight and out of mind. Some of these things are better left that way, while others are not. You tend to forget about your smoke detector batteries until they start beeping. You don’t think about your roof until it starts leaking. You don’t think about your hot water heater until you have a cold shower. And you may not think to get your dryer vent cleaned until your clothes stop drying properly or even worse, the trapped lint catches fire.

You may think that when you clean the lint out of your dryer lint basin, you’re doing all that needs to be done to maintain it. However, you’d be wrong. Lint can collect further back in the dryer vent. This lint builds up over time. Eventually, this decreases the air flow from your dryer. People often think that the reason their dryer isn’t drying their clothes as well is because it’s getting old and needs to be replaced. In actuality, they may just need dryer vent cleaner in Chicago. Having your vents cleaned is a lot less expensive than a new dryer!

Another reason why you shouldn’t put off cleaning your dryer vent is that this built up lint can get very hot. When you add heat from the hot air to that lint, it’s a recipe for disaster! It’d be very dangerous, as well as costly to have a fire from your dryer vent. The best way to prevent this is to keep your dryer vents clean of any built up lint.

The longer you run your dryer to dry your clothes, the more money you will spend in utilities. Over time, this can really add up. In addition, the longer drying times put more unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer, shortening its life. When you factor in all of these costs, as well as the dangers, it’s well worth it to stop putting off dryer vent cleaning in Chicago.

Hire a company like Air Care Services that you can trust to do it for you now. Your clothes, your dryer, and your home will all thank you for it in the long run!

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