Feb 11, 2014

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Don’t Try to Handle a DUI Charge By Yourself

Sitting alone in the bleak apartment instead of being at home with the family was too much to handle. He used to have a drinking problem, but had been doing pretty well, he thought. So he got in the car, just to do a drive-by, he told himself. But instead he stopped and once again they had a big fight in front of the kids. When he drove by the old neighbourhood bar, he went in ‘just for the company’.

He almost made it back to the apartment before he got stopped for speeding. He swore at himself, this was going to be bad. And it was. He’d only been arrested once before, a few years ago when he was drinking a lot more than he did now. He knew he had to get hold of a lawyer right away and made the call as soon as he could. This was his second DUI arrest. He tried to handle the first one by himself and pleaded guilty, so had a conviction on his record.

The penalties were worse than he anticipated. The DUI Attorney in Carmel, NY told him that since his previous conviction happened less than five years ago, this would be considered his second offense if convicted. His license would be revoked for at least six months and getting it back would not be easy. The registration on his car could also be revoked. Jail time and a fine of up to $750 were probable. He would be paying assessments and surcharges of over $500. In addition to all that, he would have to attend a Victim Impact Panel, designed to impress upon him the seriousness of drinking and driving and the consequences that driving drunk could have to others.

Spain & Spain, PC provides high quality legal services to their clients in real estate, personal injury and criminal matters, including DUI cases. They have over 50 years of courtroom experience to use for the benefit of their clients. In criminal matters, the lawyers have decades of experience with the officials and judges presiding over the case. Anyone facing DUI charges should immediately contact an experienced DUI Attorney in Carmel, NY for a free consultation.

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