Jan 15, 2016

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Don’t Let Depression Ruin Your Life – Professional Therapy In Hutchinson, KS Can Help You

Everyone experiences periods of unhappiness and sadness, but normally these feelings are temporary. However, for about three million people in the U.S., depression lingers, dramatically affecting their ability to live and enjoy life and those around them. The good news is that clinical depression is treatable with Therapy in Hutchinson KS and may be resolved within a period of months.

What is Clinical Depression?

Someone who is experiencing a major depression may or may not feel sad. Some simply feel empty and lifeless or angry and restless. The primary difference between everyday sadness and clinical depression is that depression interferes with all of the activities of daily living. Friends or family may say to, “Get over it,” but as much as someone might want to, it doesn’t seem possible. Clinical depression may be the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Effective treatment requires a professional diagnosis.

Symptoms of Depression

Clinical depression makes it extremely difficult to function at work or at home. Doing one’s job or caring for the family can be overwhelming. It’s impossible to enjoy hobbies or activities any longer.

Someone suffering from depression could be affected in any of the following ways:

• Too much sleep or insomnia;

• Inability to concentrate;

• Feelings of hopelessness;

• Inability to control negative thoughts;

• Losing or gaining weight;

• Problems with alcohol or drugs;

• Acting recklessly;

• A belief that life isn’t worth living – get help immediately.

Treating Depression

Depression is such a common problem that many different treatments have been devised. Since each person is unique, effective treatment will be unique for their situation.

• Antidepressants are often recommended and may help alleviate the symptoms. Antidepressants may be most useful when they reduce the symptoms sufficiently so that the person is able to participate effectively in their counseling. Some people suffer serious side effects from antidepressants.

• Counseling or talk therapy is effective at bringing someone to an understanding of the roots of their depression. Patients learn to identify and deal with destructive thoughts and behaviors and develop coping mechanisms. Counseling can permit someone to understand and solve their problem, rather than simply applying a band-aid with medications.

• Alternative therapies help some people with the symptoms of their depression. Exercise, yoga, massage, acupuncture and pet therapy could be helpful.

Don’t let depression ruin your life. Contact Adult Child & Family Counseling to learn how Therapy in Hutchinson KS can help you regain your enjoyment in life.

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