May 21, 2013

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Don’t Handle A Tax Dispute Without Getting IRS Representation In Henderson NV

Only a very small portion of the people who file a tax return each year end up being audited by the IRS. For the people who are selected to go through this process, though, that is little comfort. The penalties, interest, and other charges that can come from being found to have made a significant error on your taxes can easily add up to be a lot of money. If you are getting more attention from the government than you would like, your first move should be to seek competent IRS Representation Henderson NV.

You should make certain that your chosen representative is comfortable dealing with audits and IRS agents. Any CPA should be competent at looking at a company or individual’s taxes, looking for errors, and sorting out the financial details. Actually handling questions related to the tax documents, on the other hand, may be something that they are not necessarily good at handling. One major example of this is that they don’t necessarily have the legal mindset to focus on making sure that the clients do not get a chance to say anything that could be incriminating. Their training is to figure out what happened, and does not have as much emphasis on how to minimize the perception of wrongdoing after the fact.

The ideal representative is a person who has spent a lot of time dealing with complicated cases and defending clients who are being audited. An IRS agent has some leeway in the conclusions that they draw and the adjustments that they decide to make. People who have experience dealing with them are in a better position to make arguments based on standard practice, agency policy, and to generally figure out how to appeal to an agent in a way that gets results. Someone who has been involved in a lot of audits also has a much better understanding of what a good settlement looks like and when it might be possible to negotiate for something better.

If there is a problem in your taxes, you’ll be subject to penalties and interest charges. Should an agent judge the issues with your return to have been willful rather than accidental, the penalties will increase by quite a bit. To protect yourself from these consequences, you need to find experienced IRS Representation Henderson NV.

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