Feb 27, 2013

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Don’t Go Without Car Insurance in New Haven CT

With the economy being in such dire straits recently and people needing to watch their budgets carefully, the list of expenses might be pared down a lot for a family. There is one thing that should not be cut off of the list – insurance. Going without car insurance might seem like a fast way to save some money each month, but it can end up being disastrous. Going without auto coverage could cost you a lot of money and a headache down the road, especially if there was ever an accident with you or your spouse.

Why Choose Insurance?

Like anything in life, there are never any guarantees, and that stands true for people when they drive. One never knows when there will be an accident or a weather event that can damage a vehicle. Car insurance in New Haven CT will provide some protection for you and your family in those unfortunate circumstances. But how can having insurance coverage save you money when you are paying monthly premiums or six months at a time?

When you are picking out coverage, one of the first things to do is pick what deductible amount you can afford. The deductible is the amount out of pocket you would pay before insurance covers the rest of the tab. Now, a $500 deductible is a lot of money, but would you rather pay the $500 and have the insurance company pick up the rest of the tab if it was a $3,000 bill or do it all yourself?

Then there is the aspect of the law. Going without car insurance in New Haven CT could land you with a ticket from the police, fines and potentially the loss of your car or even jail time. There are laws that require you to carry some amount of insurance in case there is an accident that does damage to property or to an individual in another vehicle. If there is a loan taken out on the vehicle when it is purchased, the lender might also require a certain amount of coverage to be taken out to cover their expenses if there was ever to be damage done to a vehicle.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance might seem like a waste of money, but insurance can come in really handy if there is an accident, but in other situations too. Some insurance policies include roadside assistance, so if there was a flat tire or engine problems with your vehicle, tow service is covered. Find an agent who works out exactly what you require to keep your needs met and the premiums affordable so you don’t have to go to bed worrying at night.

Getting car insurance in New Haven CT does not have to be difficult. Griffin Insurance LLC can help anyone navigate the options and settle on a perfect policy. Call them at 877-997-9956 to discuss your policy needs.


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