Don’t Get Wet When A Basement Waterproofing System In Baltimore Can Help

Years ago, the way many individuals waterproofed their basement was painting a waterproof paint on the block. Even though the wall looked cleaner, the fact is, it didn’t address the cause of the water problem outside of the home. Most homes had a terracotta system around the perimeter of the home, but these get clogged with dirt. Another design of the Basement Waterproofing System in Baltimore included perforated pipes around the footer of a home to remove the water.

Another waterproofing system included leaving a gap along the outside edge of the basement with holes to allow the water to travel into a drain. This type of system created excess moisture in a home. The new basement waterproofing systems do not include water in a trench or tiles that get clogged on the outside of the home.

Internal Drains

Internal drains are ideal for new home construction or an older home if the outside drains are clogged. Drains are installed around the perimeter of the basement inside a home. The floor will be sealed to the walls with a vapor barrier and concrete. Internal French drains remove water from the basement and to a location away from the home.


Homeowners will try to figure out why their basement is leaking. In some cases, the reason is easy to determine. When the grade outside of a home slopes to the house, water will put additional pressure on the walls. Window wells and stairwell drains are another source of water problem for a basement. A faulty gutter or downspout can cause water to seep into the basement. The only way to determine the actual cause of the water problem is by contacting a company that is experienced with a Basement Waterproofing System in Baltimore.

The main reason to have the basement waterproofed as soon as cracks or water appears is that it will continue to cause significant damage. Armored Basement Waterproofing has years of experience protecting homes from water damage. They offer sound solutions for a variety of situations. They provide a lifetime warranty on their work and can also solve crawlspace water problems.

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