Don’t Gamble With Your Freedom If You Are Charged With a DUI

People who take driving under the influence lightly often regret it. If you ever need the Alsip DUI lawyers, don’t hesitate to call the number listed below. The consequences of a DUI/DWI charge can haunt you for the rest of your life.

It would be best if you had an attorney who would understand the seriousness of any charge of driving under the influence. Many people mistakenly think that they can only be guilty of driving under the influence if their alcohol level is over 0.08.

What is Driving Under the Influence?

“Driving Under the Influence” (DUI) is operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, such as or intoxicating compounds and methamphetamine, whether prescribed for medical purposes or not. A person drives under the influence when:

• They have a blood alcohol content of .08 or above

• They have any amount of drug in their breath, blood, or urine from the unlawful use of a controlled substance

• And others

DUI/DWI charges can result in fines, court supervision, revocation of driving privileges, community service, and even prison.

Court Supervision

An Illinois court may grant a driver court supervision instead of mandatory punishments. The benefits of receiving court supervision include:

• No jail time

• Driver’s license is not revoked

• No conviction on your record

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