Feb 2, 2017

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Don’t Choose the Wrong Countertop!

Don’t Choose the Wrong Countertop!

You will probably know that you don’t have to choose laminate countertops in Plymouth, MN, to complete your kitchen update. While a lot of people do choose laminate, because it appears to be a lower cost compared to some of the more exotic variations, replacement will be far sooner when compared to granite or quartz or some natural stone countertops.

Think About Your Complete Decorating Plans

Where you are spending a considerable amount of money purchasing high quality kitchen cabinets, to finish with a cheap laminate will let down the general appearance and you may have wasted some of your money.

By visiting your favorite natural stone provider of countertops in Plymouth, MN, you will be able to touch, feel and see a range of granite and quartz countertop finishes that will certainly increase the visual appearance and usability of your new kitchen upgrade.

Laminate countertops may look nice, feel nice and work well within themselves, but if they chip or you break an edge, it is very difficult to find a matching laminate that can be glued back to look as good as the original. The bigger problem with laminate countertops is the particleboard that is underneath, which when damp will gradually collapse.

You Could Choose Concrete, Zinc, Stainless Steel or Slate Countertops.

Concrete is extremely durable and by adding a pigment color to the mixture, it will match quite well with any color scheme that you choose. You will need to seal the surface so that it does not remain porous, but with care, it will last you a long time.

Stainless steel looks good in many kitchens, but when all your units are stainless steel as well, it may feel too much of a good thing. It will scratch and mark easily, as will zinc, whereas slate will be full of ridges that may harbor bacteria, but will look most enticing.

Some modern kitchen designers choose to add copper as an option for the entire countertop. It marks and is damaged as easily as stainless steel, but that just becomes part of its overall finish.

Quartz crystal or granite countertops may cost a little more, but will last longer, be more effective and durable in your kitchen. Although you can assess many countertops by searching the Internet, the best of granite and quartz crystal countertops in Plymouth, MN, are best seen in a showroom.

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