Aug 17, 2016

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Dog Bootcamp For Comprehensive Dog Training in Chicago

Dog Bootcamp For Comprehensive Dog Training in Chicago

If you have a new puppy, especially a Labrador of some sort, you’re probably sick and tired of him chewing up every pair of shoes you might happen to kick off on the floor. And heaven forbids you to drop a magazine on the floor after having read it the evening before. That periodical is nothing but confetti when your pooch gets ahold of it. Your pup may also have a cute (or not so cute) habit of nipping (read that biting) you on the heals, hands, and arms any time he wants your attention. Maybe he howls excessively at night or during the day while you’re away despite your best efforts.

If you’ve tried everything, read all the how-to-train your puppy in 5 easy steps articles you could find to no avail, maybe it’s time to seek professional dog training in Chicago. Yes, it’s time to turn to the professionals to get your dog under control so that you can safely kick off your shoes without concern. The time is now to consider Doggie Boot Camp. Didn’t know such a thing existed? Well now you do, and now your dog can get the help he needs to be the best pup he can be.

What To Expect?

Expect to turn your pup over to canine drill sergeants for approximately two weeks. During that time, the experts will build trust and security with the dog in question as they begin implementing training strategies you never dreamed of to fix all of your dog’s socially unacceptable behaviors. They assess the dog, working with him to find the problem areas that are in need of correction. During week one, he is theirs. But, then in week two, the “parents” are invited in to visit as often as possible. They have taught the strategies the pup (or full grown dog) learned the week prior to their training session.

While it’s true, some new puppy parents are nervous about leaving their new pups or dogs for the full two weeks, what they get in return is a completely rehabilitated dog. For more information on how this type of comprehensive Dog Training in Chicago works, Browse our website.

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