Jan 15, 2014

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Does Your Company Practice BYOD Network Security?

Anyone owning or operating any sort of business that uses computers should be aware of the need for BYOD network security. In this day and age, many people feel that they simply cannot function unless they are permanently connected to the internet – even if it is only to notify their social network friends of what is happening every other minute or so. Maybe you feel sorry for people with that sort of lifestyle but you might not have given any thought to the possible risks that their lifestyle poses for your enterprise.

You Cannot Stop Them Bringing Their Own Devices

BYOD refers to the practice of such internet “addicts” of carrying around small devices which have internet connectivity. Their internet connectivity on its own is basically harmless but, the mini computers within their smart phones, tablets, or whatever can and do pose potential risk to the computers on your business’s network – particularly if you have wireless networking.

The people bringing their own devices within range of your network may be simply passing by outside but they can also be your staff and visitors inside. Each and every one of their devices possess the capability of communicating with your network; possibly only to steal some of your bandwidth to feed their internet appetites but; what if they are trying to hack their way into your system for some nefarious purpose?

Know Your Enemy

You can set up “rules” governing BOYD’s carried in by staff and official visitors; the “good guys” will obey but; with the small size of the devices, the “bad hats” could easily smuggle a device in and then use it! Assuming that whoever administers your network has a reasonable level of computer knowledge, there will be basic password and firewall protection in place. This should be sufficient to deter someone who only wishes to use your facilities to get on line but; anyone with bad intent may well have the capability to get around your protective barrier and gain unauthorized access to your network.

A good, first line, of defence is to locate and identify any enabled device within your immediate neighbourhood. This is where you use BYOD Network Security; a typical setup will entail installing sensors at strategic points. These will locate and identify the BYOD’s; software will then be used to differentiate friend from foe and only grant access to the known friends.

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