Jan 20, 2014

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Does Your Business Use Order Fulfillment Companies?

Many businessmen might consider this an unfair question and, were I to be making a cold sales call on them for the purpose of selling them order fulfillment; they might not let me pass through their doors; or they might simply keep me kicking my heels in their reception area. This would be because they probably have no clue about what it is that I am trying to sell to them.

The Explanation

Like all Order Fulfillment Companies; mine is, in effect, a service sub-contracting enterprise that endeavors to turn a profit by providing essential services to other companies for a price that will enable them to better utilize their own financial resources. So, back to my opening paragraph; were I to ask for an appointment with you so that I could tell you about ways in which you can get a better return on your manufacturing and marketing investments; I think that you would not be so quick to refuse to see me?

I would proceed to tell you that I have researched your operation and I see that you make the best “widgets” in the world and, through your excellent marketing efforts, the whole world knows this. I would then introduce a problem; in so much as I have found that your efforts have been so successful that there are many people around the globe that have grave difficulties getting their hands on your widgets. One way or another, your excellent widgets are not reaching every place where customers want to pay you their money just so that they can own at least one of them.

It is when I gauge your reaction, to my comment that I could show you ways to correct this supply imbalance without having to make a huge investment in upgrading your whole warehousing, logistics and shipping facilities; that I can tell if you are close to seriously sub-contracting all this to one of the specialist Order Fulfillment Companies.

Should you appear to be so; then I can move on to my closing speech in which I explain how our location, warehousing, packaging and shipping facilities would be ideal to handle all your output of widgets and get them out to all the customers, wherever they may be, and we do this within a desirable timescale at prices I am sure you will find very good value for money.

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