Jun 2, 2015

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Does Your Business Have packaging Needs That Could Be Met With Poly Strapping?

If your business involves packaging products together in bulk for storage and then distribution to your customers; then, the odds are that you could be using Poly Strapping already. That is if you know what the term refers to?


This is an incomplete word that does not really have any usable meaning when taken in isolation; it should be used as a prefix to something else (with or without a separating hyphen). Basically, poly is a combining prefix denoting “many”. Examples are when “mono” – as in monochrome – is compared to the “poly” in poly-chrome; or, in organic chemistry; “monomer” is contrasted to polymer. Its origins lie in the Ancient Greek words for “much” or “many”.

Logically, poly-strapping could mean that you need many straps to fasten something together for packaging purposes. However, what we are really looking at is “lazyspeak” for polymer strapping and, in particular, fastening straps made from that ubiquitous plastic known as polypropylene. As with many abbreviations; there could be more than one translation since, although polypropylene is probably the most popular plastic strapping material; another plastic known as polyester is also widely used –maybe, you are using one or the other; or, possibly even both; depending on which products you are packaging at the time? Both are polymeric materials so they could both be referred to as Poly Strapping.

PET Strapping

This is the polyester version which is to be preferred on applications where extra strength is required. PET strapping is noticeably stronger than standard polypropylene strapping and is the plastic strap that comes closest to the strength of metallic strapping.

Using Polymer Strapping

Whether for additional closure on carton boxes; or, for tying together bundles of individual items; it is common practice to purchase the strapping in long lengths placed on an easy pull off spool. Material can be removed from the spool by hand; with a special tool or even on an automatic machine. When sufficient has been extracted to go around the goods to be secured; a small overlap will be also extracted so that, after pulling the strap tight with either another tool or another function of the extraction tool; the end overlap can be melted, fused or crimped into the underlying beginning to form a tight, endless band around whatever is being packaged.

most of them will, like Quality Strapping, Corp; also supply all the necessary tools and accessories. All you need to do is decide what you wish to strap.

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