Aug 7, 2015

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Does it Hurt Getting Immediate Dentures in Park Ridge IL?

Immediate dentures are applied right after an extraction. In short, the dentures in Park Ridge IL are crafted from a mold type process before the teeth are extracted. The doctors have to make a few assumptions based on what they believe will be in place after extraction. They often use x-rays to define how deep the cavities will be. These x-rays have an immediate impact on the dentures.

Immediate dentures are far more convenient. They are also preferred by many client that want to take the “in one full swoop” approach. The first week is the most common for pain. The pain is often mild. Patients are prescribed mild pain medication for use up to 30 days after the application of the dentures.

It typically takes six months for immediate Dentures in Park Ridge IL to become fully accumulated with the mouth. The initial months can become sporadic, with weeks of them causing no issues followed by a single bite knocking them off adjustment. The speed and total feeling of immediate dentures has a lot to do with how many teeth were extracted initially. Appropriately, the more teeth that are extracted increase the potential for problems. Furthermore, the dentures need to adjust to even more teeth. There are many small discrepancies in the fit that could cause mild distress. This process is typically painless. Mild irritation and swelling are common, but there is rarely intense throbbing pain for dentures for this six month period. If there is any unreasonable pain, consult the physician.

Patients will have to visit the dentist in the months following the addition of the dentures. Appointments are usually made once a month, and the patient should expect adjustments and a quick review of the progress.

Ultimately, pain is usually very mild. The bigger concern is an adjustment. The feeling is vastly different, and patients need to get used to the feeling of chewing with dentures. Though pain is mild at worst, the learning curve is quite large. Contact us for a preliminary review and consultation. Dentures vary, and the details above may not fully apply to every single patient.

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