Does It Help To Have An Attorney When Applying For Disability Benefits?

Although it may appear to be straight forward, a claim for Social Security disability benefits can be complicated and frustrating; this is not only true when you first apply but can be even more so when your application is denied and you are faced with appealing the decision. Each step of the way, from asking for reconsideration all the way to court gets progressively more difficult and dealing with these difficulties is best left to a Social Security attorney in Belleview who knows the rules and regulations that apply.

Having a seasoned attorney right from the start of the process can prove beneficial. The entire process is full of pitfalls and many details that must be considered. Although people are certainly aware of Social Security as they pay FICA taxes to support it, very few know more than that and certainly only an attorney will know the system in detail. By hiring a Social Security attorney from the outset you have a better chance of seeing your application approved. The attorney knows all the laws, rules and regulations that apply, he or she knows precisely what deadlines are in place for taking certain actions and what penalties you can expect if you miss them.

As a Social Security attorney in Belleville works on a contingency basis and the maximum fee is fixed by law there is no reason why an applicant should not engage an attorney right from the beginning of the process, and many do. However, many applicants wait until their application is rejected to hire an attorney. Approximately 70 percent of all applications for disability benefits are denied; this leads immediately to the appeals process. When this happens a seasoned Social Security attorney can be instrumental in tipping the scales in your favor.

Never lose sight of the fact that the Social Security administration is a federal government agency and experience should have taught you that any government agency is fraught with regulations and rules that govern their activity, this is particularly true with the SSA. In all honesty, a layperson would not stand much of a chance if they were to attempt to prepare for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. A Social Security attorney in Belleville on the other hand goes through these procedures frequently and is not the least bit intimidated by the system; the attorney knows what evidence will be beneficial for the client and what won’t.

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