Jun 1, 2018

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Does A House Need Concrete Foundation Repair in Baltimore?

When a family is considering purchasing an older home or any home in the Baltimore area, they should have a home inspection that includes the basement and foundation walls. The emphasis should be on water leaks and moisture damage. Even homes that the owner has lived in for years can have wet basements or crawl spaces that need attention. Why waste a space that could be used for storage, a family room, or bedrooms because of water leaks. Get that basement waterproofed and use it. Concrete Foundation Repair in Baltimore is available from companies such as Armored Basement Waterproofing.

Getting Rid Of Water Leakage

Getting rid of dampness and water leakage in a crawl space or basement may not be simple but is well worth the expense and effort. The first step in getting a dry basement is figuring out what is causing the dampness. Water leaks must be located and repaired. This may involve foundation cracks or holes, untreated outside walls, or elevated groundwater levels. New developments or even street work in the area can change the water levels near one’s home.

When water levels rise, hydrostatic pressure on the foundation changes and can lead to water seepage through foundation walls or the floor. There are drainage systems for both outside the foundation or around the inside outer walls of a basement. A trench is dug to make room for the elements of the drainage system to be installed. Then the trench is filled in and equipment is installed to direct water through this system and away from home.

Outside Causes

The home may have bad grading that allows water to accumulate near the foundation causing damage. The grading can be corrected to direct water away from the building. Waterproofing a foundation may involve installing a roof gutter system to catch water running off a roof and direct it away from home. Then, some problems are minor and can be solved by adding a waterproofing coating to the basement walls and patching any foundation cracks.

Hiring a professional waterproofing company to work on Concrete Foundation Repair in Baltimore can be a very worthwhile investment. Adding living space to a home can increase its value and give additional room to family members. For additional information, go to the website. Like us on Facebook.

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