Jul 16, 2015

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Do You Think You May Be A Candidate For Braces?

Do You Think You May Be A Candidate For Braces?

In the United States it is estimated that there are about three million teenagers wearing braces at any one time, the reasons for needing them vary from one patient to the next. You may very well notice that your teeth appear crooked or misshapen but normally it will be your general dentist that first raises the issues of braces and orthodontic care. As many general dentists do not offer orthodontics you will invariably be referred to an orthodontist in Downers Grove that does.

At about seven years of age it will become noticeable that a youngster may need orthodontic care. To many this may seem very young but when a young patient is pre-screened it gives the orthodontist an opportunity to suggest measures that can prevent or even eliminate any need for braces in the future. Although the majority of people who end up with braces are youngsters it is never too late, adults can consult with an orthodontist at any time.

The first appointment with the orthodontist in Downers Grove will strictly be a visual examination. During this examination the orthodontist pays particular attention to the structure of the face and teeth. Once the orthodontist has completed this preliminary exam he or she will consult with the parents if the patient is a juvenile. If, in the orthodontist’s opinion that corrective measures should be undertaken, and of course the parents agree, a course of care will be established. Initially the work will consist of a series of X-Rays, impressions of the teeth will be made and photographs will be taken of the oral cavity and the dace of the patient, it is all this information that the orthodontist needs to develop a plan to correct the abnormality.

Why do some people need braces?

There is an ideal position for teeth. When a patient’s teeth do not meet this norm and the teeth do not engage in a perfect bite due to an over or under bite situation, braces are required. This condition is known as an “occlusion,” it is the term used by an orthodontist to describe the specific alignment of the teeth, using as a point of reference, a molar. There are three different types of occlusions that can be corrected by fitting an orthodontic appliance.

The gold standard is known as a Type 1 occlusion, this is when the teeth are in the ideal relationship with each other, both uppers and lowers. A Type 2 occlusion is when there is an over-bite, the upper jaw has a tendency to protrude, Type 3 is just the opposite, this is when the lower jaw protrudes causing an under-bite.

If you feel you need to consult with an orthodontist in Downers Grove you are invited to call Oakbrook Orthodontics. Both traditional braces and invisible aligners are available. For more information, visit the site oakbrookortho.com.

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