Nov 7, 2013

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Do You Regret Being Tattooed?

It really did seem a good idea at the time to have a fantastic tattoo design upon your body, it made a statement about yourself and it looked great. Then, reality crept in; you were somewhat the worse for drink at the time and very susceptible to pressure from your peer group.

The Doubts Started On The Morning After

On awakening, the new addition itched like nothing else ever had but the design was still fantastic so you were more interested in combating last night’s hangover than you were about the wisdom of that late night visit to a tattoo parlor. You gulp down your coffee and, as it is a nice day outside, you decide to go to work with short sleeves to show off the new acquisition on your forearm. During the bus ride down town to your office, you feel that everyone is looking at you and not necessarily in admiration of the tattoo.

However, once you arrive at work, you face not only “funny” looks but also verbal comment from your co-workers. Even before lunch, you get the feeling that the overall view on your tattoo is more along the lines of “why on earth did you get THAT” rather than praise or even envy. This is when your thoughts turn to “can it be removed?”

Can Anything Be Done?

You vaguely remember horror stories of skin mutilation caused by literally “carving” off tattoos and the prospect is so alarming that you are put off from thinking about tattoo removal. Fortunately, while discussing your problem with a close friend a few days later, the subject of Laser Tattoo Removal crops up. Buoyed up with new hope, you decide to look into this further.

The Solution

It seems that the original Laser Tattoo Removal methods of the 1980’s were somewhat crude and not much better than “carving” off the offending design. However, laser technology has made great strides forward since then and the multiple uses, to which they can be applied, have improved beyond expectations – especially in the field of Laser Tattoo Removal.

Today’s lasers can break down and remove the tattoo ink from your skin without causing major damage and scarring to your actual skin tissue. This means that you will not be replacing your original regret with a different one.

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