Do You Need to See the Dentist About Tooth Replacement in Fishers IN?

No matter the cause of missing teeth, individuals frequently feel ashamed about their appearance when there are gaps in their smile. Those who are tired of having incomplete smiles are urged to seek an appointment for tooth replacement in Fishers IN. Tooth replacement helps individuals to overcome their missing teeth, so their smile is fully complete.

How Are Teeth Replaced?

Thankfully, there are now permanent options for Tooth Replacement in Fishers IN. Permanent tooth options consist of dental implants which are permanently implanted into the jawbone. The implant is made up of three parts that form one working unit once they are joined. The dental implant consists of the following components.

* The titanium base is placed inside the jawbone, so it is accepted by new bone growth which grows around it. Once the bone growth has occurred, the implant base acts just as a natural tooth root would so the base safely and securely anchors the implant.

* The abutment covers the implant base and opens the area so a prosthetic tooth can be attached. The abutment is typically smaller than a normal-sized tooth and is not seen once the prosthetic tooth is put in place.

* The prosthetic tooth is a crown that is made to look precisely like a human tooth. Once the crown is in place, the other two components are fully hidden, so the result is natural-looking and beautiful.

What Can Be Expected From Treatment?

The treatment process for tooth replacement can take time, depending on how fast the body begins to grow new bone cells. It is crucial full bonding takes place, so the implant becomes a permanent part of the jawbone for a more natural feel and function.

After the bonding process has taken place, it is imperative individuals are careful with their implant and do not bite down or chew on hard food or non-food items since these can cause damage to the crown. Although rare, some types of blunt force trauma can cause the implant to become dislodged so care should be taken to protect the smile.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants and how they dramatically improve your smile, click here and visit the site. With implants, your smile will look amazing.

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