Aug 19, 2014

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Do You Need Refrigerator Service in Tampa FL?

If your food is not staying cold, even if you’ve turned down the temperature, or you have a puddle underneath your refrigerator, chances are you don’t have to go out and purchase a new one. Especially if your refrigerator is only a few years old, you’re going to want to call for Refrigerator Service in Tampa FL. There’s a variety of ways they can help with your refrigerator, so you can save the money you would have spent on purchasing a new one.

Not Staying Cold
If your refrigerator is constantly running or has stopped running and isn’t keeping your food cold, chances are there’s a problem with the thermostat or with your condenser. This may even be the problem if the opposite is happening, and your food is freezing solid while in the refrigerator. Some things to watch for include your milk going bad fast or freezing solid, or if your meats tend to go bad after only an evening in the refrigerator. If this happens, you can adjust the temperature in the refrigerator. However, if this doesn’t help, you’re going to want to call someone to repair it.

If you begin to notice leaks under your refrigerator, there may be a leak in your condenser or their may be a leak in the water lines that lead to your water and ice makers. In the event of a leak, you need to clean all of the water you can quickly and call for a technician for Refrigerator Service in Tampa FL. They’ll be able to discover what is leaking and replace the part. This is something you don’t want to put off, however, as leaks can easily lead to problems with your flooring, such as warping or rotting.

If your refrigerator is experiencing any of these problems or any other problem, be sure to call a technician today. Chances are, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new refrigerator. A qualified technician can come to your home and diagnose and repair the problem quickly. For minor problems, you may even be able to have the repair done the same day as the diagnosis. They know how important keeping your food cold is, so they’ll work to get your refrigerator running again quickly. For more information, Visit Site of a trusted appliance repair company today.

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