Do You Need Dentures in Macon, GA?

There are many reasons you may be missing some or all of your natural teeth. When you are missing your teeth, it can be difficult to deal with. Missing teeth can cause you to be unable to properly eat your food or feel confident in your appearance. When your teeth are missing, you may want to talk to your dentist about Dentures in Macon, GA. Your dentist can fit you for dentures so you can restore your smile and have full use of your teeth.

When you go for your appointment for dentures, it can often be accomplished in one day. The first part of the appointment will involve the examination of your mouth. This will help the dentist to see if there are problems with your gums that could cause you to be unable to have dentures. If you have any remaining teeth, these may need to be pulled before you can get dentures. After all of your teeth are removed, if necessary, the dentist will make impressions of your gums. The impressions will be used to create your dentures so they will properly fit your mouth.

Most offices for Dentures in Macon, GA can create your pair of dentures the same day. Most patients go for an appointment in the morning for their impressions and then have an appointment that same afternoon to come back and be fitted for their dentures. Once your dentures have been created, the dentist will make sure they properly fit you. It is important the dentures fit properly so they will not slip around in your mouth and cause you discomfort.

It may be difficult to get used to wearing your new dentures the first couple of days. As your gum tissue begins to toughen, you will find they are much more comfortable. In fact, you will eventually forget you are even wearing them. If you are interested in getting dentures, contact Providence Dental Spa of Macon, GA and schedule an appointment. They will provide you with a comfortable pair of dentures that will allow you to have a full functioning smile. Call today for your appointment so you can get started on acquiring your new smile.

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