Dec 22, 2017

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Do You Need an Elder Care Advisory Service for Senior Residential Placement?

Seniors who continue to live in their family homes often feel isolated and lonely. They do not have access to transportation or social activities, which are some of the amenities featured at a senior residential facility. They also frequently feel less secure as they cannot easily contact someone if they have a mishap inside the home.

Why You Need to Contact a Senior Advisor

If you feel that your senior parent would feel more secure living in his or her own apartment in a senior community, you should contact an elder care advisory service for help. By taking this approach, you can ensure that your loved one receives assistance as needed and can socialize with other people his or her age.

Better Senior Care

Many children and parents have referred to an elder care advisory service to obtain residential care information. The main types of communities that are open to seniors include independent living communities, assisted living sites, and memory care residences. Memory care living is often integrated with assisted living sites. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, a memory care residence offers him or her the type of care that is safe and reassuring.

Who to Contact for Advice

To obtain further information about the above-mentioned senior communities, you need to contact an agency such as Oasis Senior Advisors. By taking this approach, you can find the right community to meet a senior loved one’s exact care and living needs. You do not want to make this type of decision yourself as you must consider a number of factors when making a decision.

For instance, you not only must find a community that will meet your loved one’s budget but you also must find a residence that fits specifically with your loved one’s preferences for care. If your loved one is basically active with few medical needs or issues, you want to review the choices for independent living facilities.

However, if a senior loved one requires help with daily living tasks, you want to review the community choices for assisted living. By surveying your choices with an elder care advisory service, it will be easier to make a concrete decision. Contact an advisory service and start making plans today. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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