Feb 19, 2013

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Do you need an attorney if you are in a car accident?

The need for an accident attorney in Wichita typically depends on the severity and the circumstances of the accident. However, as we live in an environment where people sue without compunction, it is necessary to consider all the ramifications and judge your actions accordingly. If the accident is a simple fender-bender and there are no injuries, let it be settled by the insurers, however, if there is injuries or bodily harm, then an attorney may be called for.

An attorney will be needed if an injury was suffered which results in loss of time at work or worse, permanent injury and disability. A lawyer will be required to lodge suit in court against the negligent party who was the cause of the accident.

An accident attorney in Wichita needs to be contacted immediately if one of the following has occurred:

* Serious injuries where the results are broken bones, disfiguration and hospital confinement

* Death

* When there are third parties involved such as a pedestrian or another car

* The question of fault has not been established

* An incorrect police report that points to you as the guilty party

* Any issues that involve highly technical medical and legal demands

* Matters of insurance where the party either is uninsured or underinsured

* There are other issues where a lawyer may or may not be helpful, they are:

* Handling negotiations with an insurance company

* Confusion of what rights you may or may not have

* Helping to determine if the insurance company is acting in good faith

It is usually recommended that you get an experienced accident attorney in Wichita so that you know your rights and don’t lose them if there is a need to sue in the future. It is always important when you or someone in your vehicle has been hospitalized as you do not want to get involved with a lawyer or the insurance company that represents the other party.

If the case is absolutely clear, the need for consulting with a lawyer is probably not strong. This is where there is a clear-cut identification of where the liability lies, and the negligent person has admitted fault and where property damage and injuries are minor. This is also true if there are no extenuating circumstances surrounding uncertainties regarding insurance, the statute of limitations, a complicated accident or pre-existing injuries that are complicated by the accident.

You will need an attorney when there is uncertainty as to who is liable or how to handle the claim. This is also the case if the insurance company of the other party asks you to accept a settlement which is not commensurate with your injuries or the amount of property damage.

When there is any doubt about your rights, you are advised to consult with an accident attorney in Wichita. Consider contacting Prochaska, Giroux & Howell, LLC, they are committed to assisting their clients and obtaining maximum compensation.


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