Do You Need a Sealcoating Contractor?

Asphalt is a bitumen product that is made by mixing petroleum-based substances together. It’s applied when it’s still hot and still a liquid. When it cools, it dries into the hard surface that you think of as asphalt. As a petroleum product, it reacts to other petroleum products. That means that oil dripping from your car can damage asphalt. The effect of oil or coolant dripping on asphalt is fairly minute in the moment, but over time, that can weaken the structures in the asphalt. That can eventually lead to cracking. A sealcoating contractor can help prevent damage.

Drying Asphalt

As asphalt ages, it dries out more and more. That drying can lead to it contracting. As it contracts, it cracks and crumbles over time. A sealing coat can prevent that from happening. Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective layer over the actual asphalt. Sealcoating is typically a petroleum product as well, but it’s more pliable than asphalt. It will stretch and move to protect the asphalt. It will react to other petroleum products too, however, which means that you’ll need to reapply it from time to time.

Protection for Asphalt

In addition to other petroleum products, asphalt needs to be protected from physical damage. That physical damage can come from falling branches, the repeated stress of cars driving over it, and the ground underneath shifting. As these things happen, the asphalt needs a flexible layer of protection. A sealcoating contractor can provide that.

Sealcoating needs to be reapplied from time to time because it wears down. Typically, it lasts about five years, but that differs depending on traffic and weather conditions. You should work with professionals to determine how long you should wait until you call for a new application. You can find some professional advice at Acme Paving. You can reach them at visit us to website or call them at 239-574-7477. You can connect with them on facebook for more information!

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