Jun 22, 2018

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Do You like Marble Kitchen Countertops; Have Them Installed in San Antonio

Do You like Marble Kitchen Countertops; Have Them Installed in San Antonio

Nothing evokes an air of elegance in a kitchen more than marble kitchen countertops. Marble tops add an air of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen. Marble is a luxurious material that brightens up a kitchen better than any manufactured material can. There are advantages to installing marble in the kitchen of your home in San Antonio.

Marble is Affordable

Marble kitchen countertops look expensive. The material often costs less than other natural stone tops, which include granite, quartz, and soapstone. Like everything, the cost of marble does depend on the type and thickness, but it is affordable.

Marble is Durable

Because marble is a natural material, it resists scratching, chipping, and cracking better than alternative materials. In spite of its durability, marble is somewhat softer than granite. This makes the incorporation of fancy edges easier during the fabrication process.

Marble is Distinctive

Manufactured countertop materials try hard to duplicate the beauty of marble. The success is limited. Marble is a natural material; as such, no two pieces are alike. There is a wide range of hues found in marble, these hues and colors are indicative of their place of origin. The rich veins found in marble come from various impurities trapped in the stone during transformation.

Marble is Resistant to Heat

Marble has always been the countertop material of choice in professional and home kitchens. It stays cool, it is resistant to heat and will not scorch or burn. Even though this is the case, the wise homeowner never places hot pots or pans on the countertop without protecting the surface.

Marble Lasts Long

Marble has been used from the days of the early Greeks and Romans. The materials ability to stand the test of time is well proven. When expertly installed by renovation contractors in San Antonio you can expect to enjoy your marble kitchen countertops for a lifetime.

If you are considering the installation of marble kitchen countertops, contact Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio. Visit our website for more information.

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