May 25, 2015

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Do You Feel Any Need For Senior Companionship In Illinois?

Do You Feel Any Need For Senior Companionship In Illinois?

The question is probably applicable worldwide but, let’s look at Illinois as a typical American example. It is also a somewhat borderline type of question in as much as why should it only apply to seniors? What makes someone a senior anyway and don’t we all need companionship of some kind or another?

Both “senior” and “companion” are used daily by many of us; the first to avoid calling somebody an “old person” while the second can take on many meanings relating to two people being together. There is the official implication in “senior citizen” that a person has reached the retirement age and is eligible to draw a pension. Unofficially, the use of senior to describe someone can vary from being applicable to someone over 50 years of age up to over 65 and beyond. While it is true that our bodies do deteriorate to one degree or another as we grow older and, for some, unfortunately, mental powers also reduce with age; it has to be said that a person is only “as old as they feel”.

Throughout our lives, very few of us wish to be in total solitude and the friendship of others is sought after. Even many romantically young married couples talk about the lifelong companionship of their spouses and how they can each help out the other. The good meaning of companionship being somebody to talk to and someone who will help us out with life’s little tasks –especially if, with age, we find that we become less able to do everything for ourselves.

Different Circumstances Generate Different Needs
Some people are capable of living independently regardless of their age; others continue to receive support from their family members and friends for the whole of their lifetime. But, others may require medical supervision that can only be available to them by opting for full time residency in a nursing home or similar institution.

Then, there are those who fall between these two extremes. They are independent enough to remain in their homes well into old age but find that to be lonely if there is no longer anyone to share that home with. Additionally, they may still be in reasonable health but find little things like doing the marketing, cleaning the house and taking care of the garden are just “a tad too much” for comfort. In such situations, the services of agencies such as European Best Care Inc. can be relied upon to provide quality Senior Companionship In Illinois on, either a full time, live in basis or, as a regular part time visitor.

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