Mar 28, 2014

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Do Restroom Hand Dryers Help The Environment?

The modern Restroom Hand Dryers are extremely efficient; the blower comes on at full power almost the instant that you activate the dryer and the air is hot enough to start drying your hands immediately. Older models used some sort of push button to start them and took a while to really get into action; sometimes they ran on a timer to save electricity which could mean that it ran a while before you were ready; stopped and needed restarting and was still running after you left the restroom- hardly efficient use of electricity. In addition, they were somewhat noisy; noise is energy and some of the electricity was being wasted generating noise.

Whereas, today, sensors start the process the moment that your hands are in the correct position and switch it off the moment that you decide you are done; furthermore, they are much quieter now. Compared to the earlier models; much less electricity is being used per second of operation and, as an added bonus, the latest dryers will have your hands dry in less time than it took with the older models.

Less Electricity Means More Than Just Lower Operating Costs

Electricity has to be generated and many of the methods used by the utility companies are prone to polluting the environment. When you think of the number of restrooms around the country, and the number of them that use Restroom Hand Dryers; a lot of electricity is being used on a daily basis so that we can keep our hands dry. By making the hand dryers more energy efficient; less electricity means less pollution coming from the power plants.

Are Paper Towels More Environmentally Friendly?

OK; a paper towel requires no energy (other than your own) when it is drying your hands; but, think about where the paper towel came from. Probably, it will be made from re-cycled paper which consumes a lot of energy during its manufacture. Experts say that it takes some 167,000 gigajoules of energy to produce about a ton of paper towels and some 7,000 gallons of water will be used in the process. Additionally, around 60 pounds of pollutants are produced and, most likely released into the atmosphere. Then there is packaging and transportation which adds to the paper towel’s true energy cost. Also, don’t forget the disposal (usually in landfills) of all those used towels.

It has been shown that production of paper towels is twice as energy intensive as the use of hand dryers and that paper towels are responsible for nearly 3 times more carbon dioxide than dryers. Which one is the friendlier way to dry your hands?

For energy efficient Restroom Hand Dryers; take a look at the product range offered by the World Dryer company from California. Browse their website and take a look at the environmental facts on

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