Aug 3, 2016

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Do not be a Victim of a Defective Vehicle by Retaining Trusted Attorney

Do not be a Victim of a Defective Vehicle by Retaining Trusted Attorney

A company that manufactures automobile has the duty to provide consumers with a reliable vehicle for them to purchase. They are required to provide a warranty for the first 18,000 miles or 18 months to the consumer who purchases the automobile. This is a guarantee that the car will operate efficiently within this time period and if it should need repairs the manufacturer will make the necessary repairs. However, if the auto requires a repair while under the warranty and the problem cannot be solved, it could meet the requirements of being a lemon. A California lemon law attorney can help determine if you have a case against the manufacturer and how to file a claim against them.

Advantages of Consulting with a Lawyer

  • An attorney can provide you with information on the lemon laws and how they pertain to your claim.

  • They will provide you with the advice that you require to know the steps you need to take in successfully being reimbursed for a defective automobile.

  • An attorney will prepare the correct documentation to provide a formal notice of the issues with your auto.

  • They will try to help negotiate with the company to settle your claim without having to take the case to trial.

  • If you case does require legal litigation they will file the complaint with the court system for you.

A Trustworthy Attorney can Help You Find Relief with a Defective Automobile

If you have an automobile that spends more time in a repair shop than on the road, you should consult with an experienced attorney. Since 1995, Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® has been providing their clients with affordable services to help them gain reimbursement for a defective consumer product or automobile. Their knowledgeable team of attorneys strives to settle their clients’ case without having to meet in a courtroom. For free initial consultation with an experienced Lemon Law attorney contact

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