Apr 25, 2014

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Disposing Produced Water Safely in Texas

Oil is on a high demand worldwide for industrial processes, to make fuel for transport sector and for heating homes. This calls for more oil production plants. Oil extraction is a complex process which requires large amounts of water. Although the gas and oil reservoirs have natural water and hydrocarbon layers, to extract oil or gas, additional water must pumped into the oil reservoirs to facilitate separation process of its components.

The wastewater from this oil mines is referred to as produced water. It contains some harmful compounds like hydrocarbons, which must be removed before the water can be disposed of. Many oil extraction plants find it a big challenge when it comes to produced water disposal in Texas.

Traditionally, the waste water was disposed of in big evaporation basins. However, as the oil reservoirs become old and depleted more water is needed to achieve the separation process, thus more produced water has to be dealt with, making the method ineffective.

Also, this method of disposal causes harm to the environment especially the soil by increasing the amount of salts in the soil hence it is no longer acceptable. The water is termed as industrial waste and thus all oil producers have to dispose it safely in order to protect both the environment and human health.

Government and non-government, environmental bodies are strict on disposal of all industrial waste. They are campaigning for the re-use or recycling of industrial waste as much as possible. If the waste cannot be re-used for any reason, it must be first treated before it is disposed of to ensure it is eco-friendly and safe for human existence. Laws regarding produced water disposal in Texas are tough and must be adhered to.

In disposing the produced water it is very important to employ efficient and cost effective techniques. New technologies have been developed to manage this industrial waste safely. For instance, Semiconductor photo catalysis, an advanced water recovery is a convenient technique used in the disposal of produced water. The equipment is mobile hence it can be used in all areas. It is a simple, cheap and sustainable water treatment machine.

Produced water treatment and management is undertaken mainly by the companies who have specialized in this sector or undertake the function as part of their offering. These companies offer waste management services, waste water disposal, waste disposal, chemical and oil spill response, etc. With the changing disposal rules, produced water disposal is an important area for such service providers.

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