Discussing The Repercussions Of Domestic Violence With Lawyers In Hattiesburg, MS

Domestic violence laws have become stricter over the years due to the nature and frequency of abuse in the home. These laws no longer apply to romantic relationships only. They have been expanded to include attacks, which occur between any two members of a household. A prime issue with these occurrences is false claims. If you were accused of domestic violence, you should consult Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS before it’s too late.

The Repercussions of Domestic Violence

Whether you are convicted or not, it is likely that your charges will appear on your permanent record. This could in turn cause you to develop a reputation as a violent individual. This could ultimately affect your job prospects. The nature of the charges could also affect how others view you in the community. For this reason, you should hire an attorney which understands these repercussions and will investigate these allegations against you more thoroughly.

Physical Evidence in Domestic Violence

Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS review the physical evidence presented in these cases. In most instances, the arresting officers take photographs of bruising and wounds inflicted on the victim. What they don’t gather is bodily evidence from the accused. If he or she is charged with a vicious assault, physical evidence on their person is an almost certainty.

A skilled attorney helps gather this proof to establish innocence. Physical altercations in which the defendant struck the victim would produce abrasions and possibly cuts on their fists and knuckles. It would also transfer DNA evidence from them onto the victim. When these conditions do not exist, and the victim hasn’t claimed that a foreign object was utilized, the accusation is not plausible.

Individuals accused of domestic violence must prove without doubt that the claim against them is invalid. This is often difficult initially due to the laws that apply to these circumstances. Oftentimes, the officers take the word of the individual who has the worst physical injuries over the individual who is accused. In a larger spectrum of these cases, these injuries turn out to be self-inflicted. If you were wrongfully accused, you should consult Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS by contacting T Michael Reed today.

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