Jan 13, 2015

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Discussing The Essentials With An Auto Accident Attorney In Naples

In Florida, the process used by the Bureau of Motorist Compliance to obtain compensation for victims is complex and confusing. Additionally, it leads to action within a courtroom. It also takes up to three months for them to process your claim against the accountable driver. After reviewing these requirements, clearly it is more advantageous for the victim to hire an Auto Accident Attorney in Naples in the first place.

The Essentials of Accident Litigation

The first and the most obvious step is to acquire all proof that shows which driver is accountable. Accidents are investigated by law enforcement; these findings are submitted in the form of an accident report. Next, the attorney investigates to determine if the responsible driver fulfilled their auto insurance obligations.

The accident report should list insurance information for both drivers. This allows the attorney hired by the victim to acquire these details to determine why the insurance company hasn’t filed a claim to provide compensation. Uninsured drivers who cause accidents, however, remain liable for covering the costs of the victim’s expenses.

What Happens in the Background

After the accident is reported, the law enforcement officer issues a citation to any driver who isn’t compliant with auto insurance laws. This doesn’t imply that the victim, if uninsured, won’t receive compensation. However, any driver who is noncompliant with these laws is issued fines according to the Florida state laws for insurance.

An uninsured driver who causes an accident could avoid a lawsuit by purchasing SR-22 insurance and notifying their carrier that they were involved in an accident prior to coverage. In some cases, the insurance company may cover these costs up to the required values. If the victim’s injuries are extensive, their attorney could push forward with efforts to collect further damages.

Accident victims should evaluate the insurance requirements as outlined in Florida’s law. The first concept to consider is to make sure they fulfill the financial responsibility requirements of the state. This helps them avoid penalties or the ability of the defendant’s lawyer to point out irresponsibility on their part. If you were injured and are entitled to compensation, contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Naples at Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law immediately. You can also visit their Facebook page.

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